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Visiting Inmates

Visiting Information:
Tuesdays and Wednesdays
8 am to 11 am and from 1 pm to 4pm

All visitors must sign in with name, address, and phone number and have a photo ID available for the jailer to authenticate identity.

Visitors will be screened for any outstanding warrants and/or participation in a conditional release such as being on bond, on probation, or on parole.  Only individuals with no outstanding warrants or conditional releases will be allowed to visit inmates.

Visitors may bring in cash to place on an inmate’s account or postage stamps for an inmate’s use.  No other items will be accepted.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

Visitors are not allowed to take cell phones, purses, brief cases, backpacks, or any item(s) which the jail deems unnecessary or potentially dangerous into the visiting booth.

Only one visitor per inmate will be allowed in the visiting booth at a time.

Inmates are restricted to a TOTAL of 2 HOURS of visitation a week. 

Visits are allocated on a first come/first served basis.  No appointments accepted.

Each, individual visit cannot exceed one hour.

Inmates can be denied visitors due to disciplinary reasons.

Visitors can be rejected and/or ejected for improper dress, inappropriate behavior, and/or the inmate’s request. 

Visits on days and/or times other than those listed are subject to approval by the jail’s lieutenant and/or the Sheriff.  For an exceptional visit, submit a written request:

Visit Exception Request
C/O Keith County Jail
103 E 5th St.
Ogallala, NE  69153
An inmate’s attorney of record for his/her current incarceration are welcome at any time without restrictions.
Clergy is welcome from 8 am to 10 PM with prior notification to the jail.  Clergy is not exempt from providing photo ID and proof of practice for religious instruction.  Only ONE clergy per inmate, per visit is allowed.  Clergy may only leave soft bound reading materials:  Any item other than that must be approved by the jail lieutenant and may be restricted in access/use.