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Traffic Diversion - STOP Program

The STOP (Safety Training Option Program) is a program where persons cited with certain minor traffic violations may have their violation dismissed upon paying the course fee and completion of a 4 hour Defensive Driving Course in office or online.
If cited with certain minor traffic violations these are your options:
  • Appear in Court
  • Pay by Waiver
  • Participate in the S.T.O.P. Program
Take the Course and have:
  • No Citation Fine
  • No Court Appearance
  • No Points off Your License
Persons may participate in the S.T.O.P. Program once every three (3) years.
Offenses Not Eligible for the S.T.O.P Program:
  • Leaving the Scene of an Accident
  • Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and/or drugs
  • Willful Reckless or Reckless Driving
  • Exhibition of Acceleration
  • Fleeing to Avoid Arrest
  • Refusal of Breath or Blood Test
  • Driving Under Suspension
  • Injury Accidents
  • Speeding more than 19 mph over the speed limit
  • No Insurance
  • CDL Operator’s License Holder
S.T.O.P. Course Registration Fee  $145.00 (Court costs may be applicable)
How Can I Enroll?
Register on-line, phone or mail: Traffic Safety Plus
111 N. 56th St., STE 301
Lincoln, NE  68504
(402) 466-0033