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Telephone Information

Each inmate receives one, outbound phone call after successfully completing booking.  After that, each inmate is allowed one, outbound call when his/her bond is established and/or changed by the court.

Inmates without disciplinary restrictions can make outbound, collect calls between the hours of 6 am and 10 PM.  Or, direct dial calls using internally purchased calling cards or accessing a prepaid account. 

To establish a pre-paid account, go to www.cidnet.net to set up a prepaid account has been created, contact the jail to leave a message for the inmate that he/she may call your number directly.
The attorney of record for an inmate’s current incarceration can call at any time. 

Keith County Jail is not a message service.  For emergencies, we will make exceptions but frivolous calls, requesting the relay of non-emergency information, are not acceptable.  Abusing the jail’s phone service with such calls may result in legal action.