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Real Estate

What is real property?
Real property includes all lots and land, buildings, fixtures and improvements, and mobile homes, which are used for residential, office, commercial, and agricultural purposes.

What kind of improvements should be reported to the Assessor’s Office?
ALL improvements to real property are to be reported to the County Assessor’s Office.

Are the Assessed Values available online?
Yes, the Assessed Values are available online through the Keith County GIS Workshop or Nebraska Assessor’s online websites. You may also call the Assessor’s office 308-280-8040 or stop in and review the records. All records are public. 

How is the assessed value determined?
The State of Nebraska requires that we value all residential, (includes farm improvements also), recreational and commercial properties at 100% of market value. The acceptable range is 92% to 100%. State law requires the property be valued according to past sales that have occurred over a 2 year period for residential and recreational and a 3 year period for commercial properties.

Agricultural land is to be valued at 75% of market value. Law requires study of past sales that occurred over a 3 year period for agricultural land. The acceptable range of value is 69% to 75%.

How are my taxes calculated?
Tax rates are established as a result of a budgetary process. Each governmental agency provides a budget that will cover the cost of maintaining their respective agency for a fiscal year. The budget requirements are totaled and that amount is divided by the total assessed value of property for that subdivision to establish the tax rate. The tax rate is stated as a percent or amount due for each $100 of assessed value. THE COUNTY ASSESSOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ESTABLISHING THE TAX RATE. The assessed value determines your proportion of the requested budgets.

Does the Assessor’s office have records of boundary lines?
The Assessor’s office maintains property records that consist of legal descriptions that are displayed with our GIS (Geographic Information System) and the Cadastral Books. Actual boundary lines for properties may require a Surveyor’s assistance. 

What is Greenbelt?
Greenbelt is a scenario whereby qualifying agricultural land may be valued without regard to market influences that cause the value to be inflated to an amount exceeding its agricultural value. This procedure allows property owners that wish to continue the agri-business nature of their property to do so without the value of their property being inflated by residential or commercial development. If you qualify for greenbelt you must file a form 456 in the Assessor’s Office before August 1st.