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Board Committee Assignments

West Central Nebraska Area Agency on Aging    Dale Schroeder     Alternate: Toney Krajewski

Region II Human Services    Dale Schroeder     Alternate: Toney Krajewski

West Central Nebraska Development District    Lane Anderson     Alternate: Joan Ervin

Keith County Extension Board    Dale Schroeder

Keith County Area Development    Corey Crandall     Alternate: Joan Ervin

Ogallala/Keith County Chamber of Commerce    Joan Ervin     Alternate: Toney Krajewski

Sandhills Resource Conservation and Development Board    Dale Schroeder     Alternate: Lane Anderson

West Central Weed Management Area    Joan Ervin     Alternate: Toney Krajewski

Visitor’s Committee   Corey Crandall    Alternate: Joan Ervin   I Love Lake Mac   Visit Ogallala     

Southwest Nebraska District Health District    Joan Ervin     Alternate: Corey Crandall

Keith County Welfare Board    Toney Krajewski, Chairman     Alternate: Lane Anderson

Keith County Senior Center (Ogallala and Lemoyne)    Lane Anderson
     Alternate: Toney Krajewski

Keith County Emergency Operations Center, 911 Center, and EMS   Corey Crandall      Alternate: Dale Schroeder

Joint Housing Authority          Toney Krajewski

Keith County Road Committee    Dale Schroeder

County Extension Office   Dale Schroeder

Keith County Physical Plants/Office Space    Toney Krajewski

Keith County Safety Committee    Dave Kling

Keith County Planning/Zoning    Joan Ervin

Keith County Information Technology    Corey Crandall

Budget          All Commissioners

Salaries, Benefits        Representative From Each Office

Keith County HIPAA Designee  Joan Ervin

Keith County Courthouse Security  Toney Krajewski

Keith County Emergency Planning and Training  Dale Schroeder