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Keith County is Hiring a Planning and Zoning Administrator

Planning and Zoning Administrator

Keith County
Ogallala, NE
$50,000 - $65,000 a year - Full-time

Job details

Salary: $50,000 - $65,000 a year
Job Type: Full-time
Shift and Schedule: Day shift

Full Job Description

The Planning and Zoning Administrator (as referenced in the future as Administrator) is an appointment as a County Official. Responsibilities are to the management of lands, protect the health and safety and general welfare of its residents.

The Administrator will perform professionalism, administrative, management and technical work. Growth management will be delineated by State statutes, County and State rules and regulations, policy implementation, research, information gathering, organization and the coordination of decision and all other related work as required or requested.

The work will be performed in coordination and cooperation with the general public, Federal, State and local officials, boards, attorneys, contractors, surveyors, realtors, other county offices and committees to prevent conflict.

Review and approve all building permits in accordance to comply with County zoning regulations and codes.

Develop training packet for new members as well as continued education for Board Members.

Required knowledge, skills and abilities to build upon

  • Effective communication both orally and in writing
  • Public speaking
  • Data collecting and reporting
  • Fact finding and ability to draw valid conclusion based on abstract and concrete variable
  • Read and interpret documents such as regulations and laws
  • In-depth knowledge of legal descriptions and surveys
  • Some onsite inspections as deemed necessary to comply with enforcement and regulations
  • Basic construction knowledge
  • Accurate mathematical calculations
  • Continued education as related to job specifics
  • Attend meetings outside of regular working hours
  • Knowledge of basic computer software programs
  • Learn and utilize various computer software programs such as Word, Excel, GIS.
  • Knowledge of technical terms and acronyms associated with governmental agencies
  • Possess a valid driver’s license
  • Provide support to Planning Commissions, Board of Adjustments and Commissioners in the form of reports and recommendations related to interpreting the comprehensive plan, zoning and planning requirements.
  • Review, comment and make recommendations relative to development proposals
  • Write, update or amend the comprehensive plans and zoning regulations
  • Advise the public and developers of the planning process, including pre-application review of development proposals
  • Updates to data base and area mapping
  • Ability to deal with conflict resolution
  • Meet legal deadlines for publications and public notices
  • Knowledge of Open Meetings Laws and “Robert’s Rules of Order”.
  • Organize and provide pertinent information to the Planning Commission regarding agenda items
  • Compose and update zoning regulations as warranted
  • Responsible for the administration, personnel and prepare the annual budget of the Department
  • Managing staff as needed with expansion of office and services
  • Hiring and terminating staff
  • Monitoring and verifying payroll time sheets
  • Audit Accounts receivable
  • Compile and create monthly reports
  • Prepare and submit claims for all expenditures
  • Review By-laws on an annual basis
  • Assist with the new and continued appointment of Planning and Zoning Board Members as established in statutes and by-laws

If you are interested in this position, please send your resume to Olivia Wells  at  olivia@zellehr.com. This position is open until filled.   

Applications can also be left at the Keith County Clerks Office at 511 North Spruce, Ogallala, Nebraska.