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Love your rural lifestyle, but have the issues with your internet service?  The pandemic has exposed a digital divide between urban and rural areas seriously impacting some residents’ ability to access education, work, government services and conduct business from home.

West Central Nebraska Development District is a partner in the Nebraska Broadband Speed Test that will gather data needed to address broadband challenges. Data collected will be used to plan for broadband infrastructure expansion or enhancement projects.

Why does Broadband matter?

Education: Broadband helps schools reallocate funds to resources that actively enrich student learning.

Health: Broadband improves healthcare outcomes, and extends the reach of healthcare.

Local Business: Broadband unleashes entrepreneurship and empowers small businesses to compete online.

Public Safety: Broadband enables quick and easy access to emergency services so that first responders and community members can save lives.

Community: Broadband is a pillar for community growth and sustainability.

100% privacy is guaranteed.

You contribute to the growth and development of your community at no cost.

Link Speed Test

This project is funded through a U.S. Economic Development Administration CARES grant provided specifically to address COVID-19 pandemic recovery and resiliency efforts. or Like us on Facebook