The office of Clerk of the District Court is an elected position. Duties include filing of new cases and receiving, filing and maintaining all subsequent pleadings in District Court matters. District Court receives and disburses payments on civil and criminal judgments, including spousal support, property settlements, restitution, attorneys fees, garnishments, executions and work releases. Documents that are filed are scanned, microfilmed, indexed and placed in the court files. All pleadings are entered electronically into the State Court Administrators statewide computer system known as JUSTICE. Several case subtypes and most subsequent pleadings can now be electronically filed. This allows access to the court 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Payments can also be made electronically. District Court is also responsible for scheduling Mental Health Board hearings for the region and processing the paperwork.


The Clerk of the District Court also serves as Jury Commissioner. Jurors are selected from a list of eligible citizens. The list is obtained by combining the Keith County licensed drivers list and the registered voters list. A potential juror must be 19 years old. In Keith County, jurors serve on a panel for six months. Jurors can be summoned for trials in District Court and County Court. It is the Jury Commissioner's responsibility to see that the potential jurors are present for court dates as scheduled by the judges and to do the actual drawing of names in the courtroom before each trial. Once the jurors are selected and sworn in, the Bailiff is responsible for their welfare and adherence to rules during the trial.


The Clerk of the District Court is a passport agent for the U. S. Department of State. The agent executes the paperwork and must be personally assured that the citizenship and identity of the applicant are valid.


Clerk of District Court
Tina DeVoe  Clerk of the District Court

Deon Hoffman, Deputy Clerk of District Court

511 North Spruce Street, Room 202
Ogallala, NE 69153

Phone: (308)284-3849
Phone: (308)284-8309 


Child Support Enforcement (308)284-3689

Contact Clerk of District Court at:

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